Photograph  Album of plants

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Heads of Cotton Grass make wet slopes and bogs appear white in August (Reddish Cotton Grass Eriophorum russeolum -  on picture).

Large fields of cotton-grass develop on mud flats of large rivers; its fruits disperse far with wind.

Little Lagotis (Lagotis minor) is a typical plant of practically all tundra types, and especially abundant near the snowfields.

Tiny Buttercup (Ranunculus pygmaeus) grows in places, where snow remains for a long time.

Creeping Pink (Dianthus repens) is observed rather rarely on sands of large rivers' terraces.

Arctic sandwort (Minuartia arctica) is common in dry and moderately wet tundra, and develops in pincushion on mountain slopes (photo by E.B. Pospelova).

Tundra Dandelion, in contrast to that of boreal zone, is one of the most late-blooming plants. An Arctic White Dandelion.

Swollfruiting Dandelion (Taraxacum phymatocarpum) grows on limestone rocks of the Byrranga as well as on deposits of marine clays in foothill zone.