Photograph  Album of plants

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Such beautiful herb meadows are common in the low zone of Byrranga mountains on steep slopes and rocks.

The meadows near Arctic Fox dens with rich soddy soil are rather picturesque.

Yellow polar poppy is the symbol of Arctic. In fact, there are more than 10 species of them only in Taimyrsky Reserve (this is Pincushion Poppy - Papaver pulvinatum), and they can be not just yellow,

…….but white (the albino form of Pincushion Poppy),

……and even golden and rose-colored, although seldom (Polar Poppy).

The relict of preglacial period – Fragrant Fern (Dryopteris fragrans) – is one of four fern species of Byrranga mountains, growing on lump placers and in rock hollows, which are wet in the summer and contain lots of snow in winter.

 Another relict fern - Woodsia glabella