Photograph  Album of plants

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Putorana Oxytropis (Oxytropis putoranica) is endemic of Taimyr. It is found exclusively on limestone plateau. Its closest relatives grow in mountains of South Siberia.

Rather colorful lichens can be found on limestone rocks. 
Potentilla subvahliana inhabits sites in Byrranga mountains and foothills where snow accumulation is the smallest. 
Eritrichium pulvinatum grows in like places (diameter of this curtain does not exceed 3 cm).

The first flower of spring tundra is Icy Sieversia (Novosieversia glacialis), also known as Taimyr Rose.

 Icy Sieversia (like other tundra plants) continues blooming even during the snowfall; a sort of "hotbeds" are formed around flowers.

Saxifrage (Rock-foil) is one of the most typical plants of tundra flora. Oppositifolious Rock-foil (Saxifraga oppositifolia) is on the picture.