Photograph  Album of plants

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Dwarf-shrub Cassiope tetragona is a common plant of tundra. In the end of June it covers lower parts of slopes with white flowers (photo by E.B. Pospelova).

Middendorff’s Larkspur (Delphinium middendorffii) is observed only in the western part of the Reserve, where it grows on rocks, as well as on valley and mountains meadows.

This uncomely plant is Arctosiberian Wormwood (Artemisia arctisibirica), found only in two places on Taimyr. This population of the plant is more than 70 years old, in 1928 it was met here by A.I. Tolmachev.

Bright flowers of Rose-bay (Chamaenerion latifolium) are conspicuous on pebbles of mountain and plain rivers in August. However, it blooms only in warm years.

Harsh Sea Pink (Armeria scabra) is common on sandy flats of plain river valleys. This is seaside plant, penetrating into continental regions by valleys.

 Pink Stonecrop  (Rhodiola rosea), included in the USSR Red Data Book, is common on rocks of Byrranga mountains. 

Thyme (Thymus extremus) is rather rare in the Taimyrsky Reserve, but can be observed on sands of high river terraces, as well as on steppe-like mountain meadows.