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State Reserve “Taimyrsky” was created on 23 February 1979. In 1995 it has been given the status of Biosphere Reserve. This is one of the largest Russian reserves, located in the northern part of Krasnoyarsky kray, on the Taimyr Peninsula. The Reserve consists of Main territory, three Filials and protected area “Bikada”. The Reserve office is located in Khatanga village, which is one of the district centers in Taimyrsky (Dolgano-Nenetsky) autonomous okrug. In our WEB-site you can find various information about Reserve nature and investigations, carried out by Reserve staff.

-“ Taimyrsky State Biosphere Reserve is environmental  scientific-research institution, the aim of which is conserving and investigating the natural development of processes and occurrences, plants and animals genofond, typical and unique ecosystems of the Taimyr peninsula” (from the Reserve Regulation).


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