"Taimyrsky" Reserve web-site authors

 Igor N. Pospelov

Elena B. Pospelova

Born in 1968 

Senior research scientist

Geographical faculty of Moscow State University,  department of cryolitology & glaciology, 1992  

Scientific Interests: common physical geography of Arctic regions, landscape mapping, botany, ornithology,  databases & GIS development

Member of 40 large expeditions in different regions of former USSR

Worked on Taimyr from 1989

Author of 97 scientific paper

Born in 1944

Scientific deputy director of the reserve

Biological-Soil faculty of Moscow State University,  department of geobotany, 1967. Candidate of Biology. Senior research scientist by specialty "Biogeography & Soil Geography" 

Scientific Interests: Comparative floristic, plant ecology, geobotany - Arctic vegetation 

Worked on Taimyr and in other Far North regions from 1967 

Author of 214 scientific papers

E-mail taimyr@orc.ru

ICQ 244897744