Photograph  Album of animals

Musk-oxen, Reindeers, Hares Arctic Foxes, Lemmings, Stoats & other

Arctic Fox is the most wide-spread predator of Taimyrsky Reserve.

Arctic Fox in winter fur.

Collared Lemming - Dicrostonyx torquatus. Common in flat and mountain debris tundra, feeding mainly on leaves of dwarf-shrubs.

Siberian Lemming -Lemmus sibiricus. Common in wet tundra, on slopes and bogs. It feeds mainly on lower parts of sedges and cotton-grass. 

Stoats prefer to settle near human habitation. This is Gosha - our friend in summer-2000.
Same stoat (photo by .V. Orlov)

Playing young ermines.

A den of wolf on the Verkhnyaya Taimyra bank. 

Wolf den and a leg of reindeer-calf, taken by wolves.