Photograph Album of animals

Musk-oxen, Reindeers, Hares Polar Foxes, Lemmings, Stoats & other

An old male musk-ox on animal’s “solonets” (the plot of salted marine clays).

Solitary musk-ox males are not at all afraid of man. This one has come directly to cordon – may be, to the bath-house ( on background).

Musk-ox families with calves  are less  tame and retreat when man approach at 30-50 meters.

In the beginning of spring musk-ox males gather on warm slopes with early grass, and leave this places only after snow thaws.

Reindeers on ice of Syrutaturku lake.

During mass migration reindeers assemble into herds of many thousands.

Most reindeers move for winter in the forest tundra (photo by S.E. Pankevich)

A hare with yet incomplete moult.