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Family of Red-Breasted Goose

A family of Red-breasted Goose - Branta ruficollis - near Taimyr lake. In the end of august fledglings are almost not distinguishable from adult birds.

Red-breasted goos

Incubating Red-breasted Goose allows to approach very close.

Flocks of Steller's Eiders and King Eiders.
A male King Eider in spring breeding plumage.
Kiing Eider

King Eider, when on nest, is also very tame and very inconspicuous. This picture was made without long lens.

The nest of Stellerís Eider

 Nest of Stellerís Eider is made of down. Nests of Red-breasted Goose, Brent Goose, King Eider and some other ducks look similary.

White-fronted Goose on nest. 

These goslings of Bean Goose are just hatched and are going to nearest pool.

A male of Ptarmigan performing courtship ritual on the house-top.

Wheatear on steep slope of river bank.

Snow Bunting (male).