Photograph  Album of Taimyr Lake

Ahead of all, in the end of June,  Taimyr Lake is disclosed in it's central shallow part.  
 By the middle of July, large ice  spaces are remained only in west part of lake as well as in north-east bay Yamu-Baikura. Wind drives them on the lake, and large-tonnage   blocks of ice cover the bank. 
  Waves hit the snowfields, accumulated for the winter under bank steep, accelerating their disintegration. 
In the beginning of June, there are numerous muck-ox herds on the north bank of Taimyr Lake. 
Such still weather at the lake is very seldom. 
Savich island near the Ozhidania bay. 
The Polar station "Taimyr Lake" (Ozhidania bay). It had been closed since 1995 year., but in 2000 year restoration was begun. 
Only ship larger than  oared boat  - "Geolog Kukhta", sailed on Taimyr lake in 1940-50th.
Sunset above Taimyr lake.