Ary-Mas is the northest forest of the World

Such statue, made by V. Melkov, the forester, meets the visitors of "Ary-Mas" station
Ary-Mas forest massif is located on hight terraces of Novaya river southern bank. 
It is spring in Ary-Mas. Gmelin larch needle is grumbling.....
... and willow (Salix lanata) shrubs are bluming
And the meadows on Novaya floo-plain  are bluming violently - Trollius, Hedysarum, Pedicularis and others.
The largest stream, crossing the forest massif from south to north - Bogatyr-Yurjakh; on the horizon - Bogatyr-Quel lake. By the legend, they are named so following the nickname of russian first-settler, which lived here in XVII century
Sometimes, Novaya river washes away the banks
Due to this washing away o banks, ruines of XVIII russian settlement has been bared for  last time
Another old time showings are observed - ruins of  hut on the Pelegrja-Quel lake northern bank; there are residues of wooden reindeer gear and other implements around.
Larch trees, growing on the northern limit of existense, become rather interesting-shaped under the wind action.....
....and often it doesn't  sustain the wind orce.
The most typical dense forest of Ary-Mas looks so
Oulakhan-Yurjakh stream (Large stream) -  forest massifs reach largest areas here. 

The peculiarity of Ary-Mas - it is isolated from main forest zone, as a result - towards the South, up to Odeloun Herbey (the hill), the forest becomes more rare...

And by 7-10 km to th South from Novaya river, only elfin orm of larch is observed
The rare forest on waterlogged flood-plain of Novaya river
A small forest lake. The fog is smoke of forest fires in Yakutia in 2002, brought from south-east. 
Only on Ary-Mas we have observed such hornet's nests. 
In the end of Summer, berry shrubs fruitage begines. Currants are observed rather seldom, even here.....
... and there is much of great bilberry, almost every year.
It is autumn. Grasses and shrubs Травы и кустарники become yellow earlier than larch trees.
The first sunset on Ary-Mas - 5 of August.